Thursday, May 29, 2008

One of our favorite parks to visit


Kristie said...

What a great picture Cora! Looks like a great park to play at! We still have 2 days left at school. It seems like school just started! Hope you are enjoying your summer.

Mrs. Anderson

Carla Shelby said...

Cool playground! I hope I get to see you when you come home! I have really missed you. I know the boys will be excited to see J.D. and Cora. I think I still have your cell number, so I'll give you a call and see what I can work out. I would fill you in on some things, but we need stuff to talk about here! The 14th is our anniversary so I'll be busy in the morning, but I'll try to be available that afternoon or evening. I'm still praying for you and I hug your mom whenever I see her.
Love in Christ,
Carla Shelby