Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Our Trip to Razorback Country

Well, I had a great time being back in Arkansas for a few days, but after seeing some friends and family and being at FBC for church service I was ready to be back home...and when that thought hit me late afternoon on Father's Day my second thought was, "I actually want to be back in Vegas? Strange!" But, that's where Jake was, therefore that's home. Driving around Rogers the 1st couple of days actually didn't even feel like home to me anymore. I got into town Thursday night (6/12) and ran to Wal-Mart after dinner with Jake's mom. It's set up very much like my local WM and for a moment I actually thought I was in Vegas. Silly.
I really enjoyed being able to see friends and family, though I didn't see as many people as I had hoped. Church was AWESOME! It was wonderful to be able to hear Pastor Wes preach and the choir sing. The men's group that did a song at the end for Father's Day was absolutely amazing. I also enjoyed hearing Wade preach the second Sunday I was there. Being in FBC felt more home to me than anywhere else did while I was there.
I will be glad to be back at NorthStar this Sunday, though. The people there are my family now. We are a close-knit group, and I enjoy that. I don't think I would be able to survive out here if it weren't for my church family.

Just a few quick "funnies" to share from our trip back east....
We were about to land when Cora looked out the window and in a voice that was quite loud said, "look at all the grass and trees!" Everyone around us busted into laughter. (It was a direct flight, so they all knew where we came from)
Then, on our drive into Rogers we were passing through farm land and Cora starts yelling, "Mom, look, look, look!" I said, "What!" To which she responded, "COWS!" Ah, the things you forget about when you're living in a desert!
JD and Cora were so excited to see their friends at church. Apparently one adult overheard JD tell some of his friends, "I'm finally back home." Poor kid. He's going to hate the summer ending. I'm so thankful they are able to spend some extra time there and I really hope that if you are reading this and you have kids that are friends with JD and Cora that you will get in touch with my mom or Jake's mom and arrange a play date.

JD and Cora with their cousins, Addie Mae, Brooks and Wesley

JD and Cora with their friends, Grace, Presley, Tori and Neil

Cora was excited to get her hair done. Aunt Karyn did a wonderful job, as usual. Cora really wanted "pink" hi-lites. We settled on what can only be called, "rupple" (that would be reddish purple); and only on the very front. The other hi-lites are just blond. Yes, my not-quite 6 year old has hi-lites and colored hair! It's a combination of her having 2 aunts that are colorists, her vivid imagination, and the effects of us living in Vegas, I'm sure. :)

An up-close of Cora's new hair color

Jake is going to be traveling a lot over the next few weeks with his "day job". I was hoping to go with him to Miami while the kids are away, but an extra bill came in and took my plane ticket money it looks like I'm going to be home alone for a week. Yippy! (note severe sarcasm) I was really looking forward to spending some time relaxing on the beach and having evenings with Jake. We haven't had a vacation together in over 2 years, and he doesn't have vacation time until next year, so this was going to be the closest thing to it. Oh, well.

Continue praying for our VBS coming up in July, and for the mission team from FBC, Rogers, that will be coming out in mid August.

I promise I'm going to settle down and get a "real" newsletter out within the next week or so.

Until then...

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Carla Shelby said...

Hey Elaine!
I finally have some free time, tsk tsk. I'm really glad you're acclamating so well and that you have a great church family! It's encouraging to know that when you go where God calls you, He makes it easier on your heart.
Jonathan's b-day party is tomorrow and I sent an invite to your mom's, but I haven't heard from her as yet. I hope I sent it to the right place. Maybe I'll give her a call. I also plan on taking the boys to your kids party. I've been sick with a tooth infection as well as being on vacation so I haven't gotten with them for playdates.
Please pray for Dan. He was in a car accident a few weeks ago. He's okay, but he's been diagnosed with a spine that's too straight (in the neck) due to muscle spasms. He's having pain and dizziness, and he almost fell on me during one of those dizzy spells. Tonight we're having a lady over from a company called young living. It's all natural healing products like medical grade oils, and the like. Dan doesn't like it and is telling me it will come between us. I've been praying about it for awhile that God would not let me be deceived and would protect our marriage. So far, I don't feel like it's something I should avoid, especially since this company is predominately Christian. I am waiting on God to show me what I should do, and I hope I have a more solid answer tonight with this lady's visit. The purpose of her visit is to put Dan at ease with who she is and what the company is about. If you'd like to know for yourself, the website is and so far I haven't been disappointed. Dan googled the company to see what others had to say about them and only found one site against them. That's not a bad record if you ask me. Anyway, I could use another prayer warrior on this, if you don't mind.
I've also been praying about the mission trip to LV in August. Because Dan has no vacation left to spare I would have to bring all the boys with me by myself. I don't know how that would work. Also, my motives really aren't very Godly, cause I just wanted to come see you.:) I'm not giving up, though. We'll just have to wait and see.
Gotta feed Joseph. How can I send you some pictures anyway? Let me know, ok?
Carla Shelby