Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Birthdays and Such

While Jake's parents were here we took them up into Cold Creek to look for wild horses. We saw some just a little ways off the road, so we got out to get a closer look. There was a small ravine between us and the horses and I told the kids not to get any closer...Then suddenly...

A horse started walking right up to JD and Cora. I've never seen two kids stand so still in their lives! JD said, "Cora, don't move!"

She didn't move an inch!

This is actually how close she got. I didn't have to zoom at all for this one.

Our family with Jake's parents, Jimmy and Belynda, in the desert just outside of Cold Creek.

I never put pictures of me on here, so I thought I'd share one of
Jake and I up in Cold Creek, in the Spring Mnt. Reserve.

The kids got home on Cora's 6th birthday. We went to Cozymel's, a Mexican restaurant in town, to celebrate. Happy 6th Birthday, Princess!

For JD's birthday he wanted to go to Redrock and do some hiking.

Happy 7th Birthday, buddy!

Just as a last kick I thought I'd show you the price of gas in Las Vegas! I took this picture of the price the person just before us paid. Fortunately gas has been coming down the last week. We were just about having to take out small loans to fill our tanks!

I hope everyone if having a great week. Next week a small group from FBC, Rogers, is coming. I'm really looking forward to spending time with them. Look for pictures from their trip in about a week and 1/2.
Please be praying for the mission team as they prepare to come and for their trip, that many will be reached for the Lord. Pray for our church family, that they will be bold in their faith and in sharing with those around them.
Please also remember to continue to pray for our house in Rogers to sell.

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