Monday, September 15, 2008

Catching up on the last month

Well, it's been a few weeks since I've updated this thing.
I keep thinking something will happen that will be blog-worthy...something that will make this worth reading. So far that hasn't happened.
I decided I would write anyway. Let people know we're still alive and kick'n.
So, I thought I would put in a few pictures of things we've done since my last blog. We also have a few prayer requests that will be listed at the end.

Here we go. things we've done since our last blog:

The kids started back to school. Though JD was extremely excited about starting 2nd grade, he was not thrilled about me taking pictures to commemorate the occasion.

Cora, was very apprehensive about starting 1st grade, especially since they were starting at a new school. But she loves taking pictures.
They both had a great 1st day, and I am very impressed with their teachers. They are making friends and come home happy everyday and so far are still waking up each morning ready to go. This is such a blessing, since last semester was such an adjustment for them and neither really felt like they fit in.

We also have acquired a new pet. Her name is Claws (Cora named her). She is a praying mantis. This is a thing I never thought I would consider a pet...and yet, here she is, and she is so cute!

This is Cora playing with Claws. The next picture would have shown me untangling her from Cora's hair. She jumped into it.

I love this picture. This is Claws eating a cricket
It may seem gross, or weird even, to have a praying mantis (who eats the heads off live crickets) for a pet, but it has been quite a learning experience for us all. We have done research on the living and eating habits of mantids, we've observed her "preying" on her food, we've watched as she shed her skin and emerged 2ce the size she was moments before. She has been an excellent science experiment. We even learned how to tell male from female, which is why I can confidently say "she". We also believe that Claws is pregnant, and have found that Mantis broods can be anywhere from 50-200, so if anyone would like a mantis baby, please, let us know!

For Labor Day we went "adventuring". This is what our family has come to call our outings that we try to take at least once or twice a month. We head out to explore the areas surrounding Vegas. For Labor Day we chose to go jeeping. We found a great trail that went up through the mountains and down the other side into Parump. We got out and did some exploring in the desert along the way.
At the top of the mountain, in between 2 high peeks, there is a place called Wheeler Pass. It is the area where you can cross through from one side of the mountain to the other.

We had a great day...though long...all-in-all we made a 130 mile circle back around to our house. I made sure to sunscreen the kids before and during the trip, since we had the top off the jeep. I didn't, however, sunscreen myself. I was glowing by the end of the day!

This past Friday night NorthStar put on a concert with a band called Altar'd. They are an up-and-coming group that I am sure will be making major waves in the Contemporary Christian Music World soon. We were able to go out with them (to IHOP) after the concert. They are the real thing. These guys are sold-out for Jesus. Currently they are headed back to Nashville to cut their second album. They are also looking for churches to host their fall concert series. I would highly recommend them.
From left to right: Kyle, guitarist; Matt, lead singer; Jon, bass player; Blake, drums

I have started playing keyboard in the praise and worship team. I am enjoying being able to serve in this area, as I have missed being involved in choir at FBC, Rogers. Sometimes they even give me a mic and let me sing :) We're hoping to eventually get a new keyboard for the church. Right now I use the worship leader's keyboard on Sunday mornings.

Jake's mom was able to come in for the weekend, on her way home from being in LA. It was great to see her, even if it was briefly. We went to the Springs Reserve, which is a botanical garden area, and to the Natural History Museum. Both were very interesting, but I haven't had the chance to get the pictures off my camera yet.

So, I think this pretty much catches you up on our family. There are probably one or two other things that have happened along the way, but apparently they are not important enough for me to remember right now, so they are more than likely not worth reading either.

Prayer Requests:
  • Our house selling (We lowered the price to $218,000 this week, this will pay off our mortgage, but we will have to take out a small loan to pay all the realtor fees and closing costs)
  • Jake will be getting back into seminary starting in the October session. Please pray for his mental endurance. Last week he had a 28 hour work day, on top of his regular work schedule. Between having to work overtime on the job, preparing and leading Children's Church on Sundays and teaching Discipleship Bible Study on Wednesday nights he barely has time to breathe. He doesn't seem to have a problem with it, but the kids and I would like to see him more often
  • I have applied with the Clark County School District as a substitute teacher. It is a long and complicated process. Please pray that if this is what God has in store for me that everything will go smoothly and that if I am accepted we will have the money for me to get my Nevada state teaching license to be able to begin.
  • Pastor Mike and Jake are trying to plan a date and a way for Cora, and several others in the church, to be baptized
  • Continue to pray that we actively look for oportunities to reach out to our community
  • Pray for 2 girls in our youth, that they will begin to seek God and desire a relationship with Him
  • Mary and her two kids. They attended the concert Friday night and came to church on Sunday. Her daughter loved Children's Church and wouldn't let Jake go at the end. Mary was excited about church and wants to start attending.
  • Wilson, Michelle and their son, Brice. They visited for the 1st time last Sunday. After only one visit they volunteered to help at the concert Friday and were back in service yesterday. They are wanting to get involved more readily
  • Lee and Susan. They moved from Washington for Lee's job. They have been visiting the church for about a month now and are wanting to join. Lee attended Bible study this past Wed. night and is feeling led to start a marriage ministry.
  • David and his wife. They have been attending 3-4 weeks now. He plays acoustic guitar and asked to get involved in the Praise and Worship ministry. This past Saturday night he joined us at rehearsal and played with us on Sunday morning
  • There are one or two other families new to the church who are also wanting to get involved. (Please pray that God will show them how they are to serve)
As always, thank you for your prayers and support. You are a vital part of our ministry here!

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