Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Praise! Our house is selling!

It has been so nice to actually have Jake at home, even briefly. For those of you who don't know, Jake was in Miami for 21 days on business. He leaves again this Friday for another 25 days. This past Saturday we spent the afternoon on Mount Charleston. I thought I would include just a taste of our afternoon there. I am also including an update and some prayer requests at the bottom. As soon as I get my pictures off my camera from Sunday I will post Cora's baptism.
Mount Charleston just before sunset
Where the earth meets the sky. This picture was taken as we were leaving Mount Charleston, overlooking the mountain range across the valley. It's hard to tell where the earth ends and the sky begins.

Well, the biggest update is this past Friday, Oct. 17, we signed a contract on our house. This is, quite obviously, a huge praise! This is something we have been praying through for well over a year now, and to see the end in sight is almost surreal. There have been many emotions flooding through us over these months, but God has been faithful and we have trusted Him, knowing His ultimate plan would be fulfilled for His glory.
The good news about this sell is that the people want it done quickly. It is moving along smoothly and if everything continues to do so we will close Oct. 30th. Not having a house payment looming over us for next month is such a tremendous wait lifted off our shoulders.
The more difficult side of the news is that we were only able to get enough to actually pay off our house, nothing more. In order to sell it we are having to take out a loan for just under $16,000 to pay for the closing costs and realtor fees.
Friday was quite an emotional day for me. Fortunately no one else was home as I had a breakdown and cried uncontrollably for a good 30 minutes. I called my mom and cried to her, spoke with my mother-in-law and Jake. I couldn't understand why.
Why was God allowing this to happen? We moved here because after much prayer we felt beyond a shadow of a doubt that this was where God was leading us. We stepped out on faith and trusted Him to take care of us. Why, after all this time, was our house selling and causing us to have to take out an additional loan just to sell it?
I cried out to God for a long while. Jake was about to get on a plane in Miami, heading home, as I pondered allowed these questions to him. His response, "All I can say is we are being tested on every side. I'm having to live in Miami, separated from you and the kids; our house is selling, but with this huge stipulation....." he trailed off. I hung up with him, walked into the other room, questions and angry accusations still pouring from my soul.
I stopped long enough to catch my breath and at that moment heard a voice as clearly as if someone had been standing next to me speaking aloud. It simply said, "Trust Me."
And that was that. I had a peace, once again. God was telling me to trust Him, and so I would.

I began thinking after that moment...How many times do we cry out to God for different things? How many times do we throw our anger at Him, our questions at Him, but never actually stop to listen for His reply? We wonder why He is not listening, not answering, but in reality, it is us who are not listening. We get so rapped up in our problems that we don't allow Him to answer.

The thing is, God is big enough to take all our questions, He is big enough to take our anger, our frustrations. He wants us to come to Him with these things, He is there waiting. But He is also waiting with an answer, if we would just stop and listen for His response.

I am so thankful He allowed this situation to be a tool in reminding me of this.

He loves you, He sees your pain, your frustrations, your questions; and He is there waiting for you to allow Him to help. Our God is a gentleman, He will not force Himself on you. He allows each of us to choose whether we come to Him or not, but He is there, arms open wide, waiting.

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hey girl! How about a recent update? :-D
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