Wednesday, January 14, 2009

The past 3 months

Okay, I know, I's been almost 3 months since my last post. Obviously, our house selling is old news now (though we are still very grateful that it did). I keep meaning to get on here and post, and I actually started to do so once, know how it goes, one day turns into two and the next thing you know it's a new year!
Happy New Year, by the way! I hope you had a wonderful Christmas and that this new year brings you closer to Him!
Now, to catch you up on the last 3 months...

My mom and my youngest niece, Melanie, came out for the week of Thanksgiving. It had been 6 months since I had seen either of them, and we had a great week, full of showing off all there is to do in our "little town". We did everything from visiting all the normal touristy stuff, (this was taken at the Belagio)

to walking with wild mustangs up in the Spring Mountain Reserve, to going to Death Valley (Which is where the pictures below were taken. And believe me, it is well worth the trip if you ever get the chance to go. We will be going back again, as we didn't get to see nearly enough!)
Above at the lowest point in North America and below at Zabreski's Point
We even got to play in mountain-sized sand dunes and slide down giant marble "slides" in Marble canyon (below, Cora, Melanie and JD taking turns going down one area of the slides).
Thanksgiving rushed by and Christmas was here before I knew it! Jake's parents decided to fly out for the week and surprise the kids. JD and Cora were thrilled! (Jake and I were too, it was nice to have family here for our 1st Christmas away from Rogers) We had a busy week full of buying and wrapping presents, preparing for and having our Christmas Eve service at NorthStar, and playing in the snow up on Mount Charleston. (The days surrounding Christmas brought several feet of snow to the mountain, and even caused a white out and the mountain to be closed Christmas day and the day after.)

Our family on Christmas Eve after the service
And below, our trip up the mountain to play in the snow the day after Christmas, we couldn't make it to the top due to the white out.

The kids got WAY to many gifts--you couldn't see the floor in our living room for all the wrapping paper and presents when they were through--and we were sad to see Nonni and Poppi leave.

New Year's Eve was quiet for our family. The four of us went to dinner at a Mexican restaurant in one of the new hotels that opened in our corner of the valley and then we went home and watched a movie and played some games. We got back up a little before midnight and drove to an overlook of the city to watch the fireworks bring in the new year. I've heard it said that what you are doing when the clock strikes mid-night on new year's is a symbol of what the upcoming year will look like for you...Well, I was sitting on a quiet mountain side with my daughter cuddling in my lap, and my husband, my son and my dog by my side...If that's any clue to how this year will be, then I couldn't ask for anything more.
I'm excited to see what new adventures the Lord has in store for our family over the next year.

So, I think that pretty much catches you up on the Bridges.
NorthStar is doing well. Jake has morphed into the Children's Pastor and is loving it. He is currently looking through several options for new literature/programs for the kids on Sunday AM. He is also still leading a Bible Study out of our house on Wednesday nights. Tonight he will start NET training (similar to FAITH). I am heading up the women's ministry and will be introducing a new ministry to our ladies this Saturday at our monthly women's luncheon. Please be in prayer for all our our church's ministries and outreaches. Pray that we will have a renewed love for our community and a strong desire to see our neighbors, friends and coworkers come to the saving knowledge of Jesus Christ.

We do have one more piece of news that we are SO excited about. FBC, Rogers, AR, our home church, has invited our family to be a part of their GIC (Global Impact Celebration) March 4-8. This is a time where they bring in missionaries from around the world and have a time of celebration of what God is accomplishing and a time of ministering to the missionaries. The 1st GIC six years ago is where Jake and I surrendered to full-time missions, so to be able to come back to this same event as missionaries means so much to us both. JD and Cora are more than ecstatic to be able to be in Rogers for a week (not just because they get to miss a week of school, either!). They are really looking forward to seeing their friends and family...Jake and I are as well.

I promise to be more diligent in updating this with current prayer requests and things that are going on with our family. (Thanks to Cindy Sigmon for getting me on the ball here!)

So, until next time, from Vegas---Elaine


cindysig said...

Yea! A major update! And I get to take partial credit. :-)
So, I had trouble imagining what all you didn't get around to seeing in ....DEATH Valley! :-D
I can't tell you how excited I am about GIC. I think there are 14 of you missionaries coming in for that, including Maria. It will be a great time and a BIG kickoff for a new missions ministry starting at FBC, too.

I've found a site you may be familiar with:
it's and IMB site for teaching kids missions. Just an idea for Jake to look at. I'm convinced we need to really focus on missions in children's ministries.

Did you have good attendance at the NET training?

Amy said...

It sounds as if life is good- and busy:) We look forward to seeing you all back here in a little while...