Thursday, June 11, 2009

You give and take heart will CHOOSE to say, Lord blessed be Your Name

So the good news is Jake still has a job.
As many of you reading this may have heard on the news, Fontainebleau, Jake's employer, declared bankruptcy this week. A good portion of the people in his office were laid off. It was a sad day for him as he helped coworkers carry their boxes of belongings out to their cars.
What we found out later yesterday was that anyone left working for the company was having to take a mandatory, across the board, pay cut.
Jake is in the process of updating his resume and seeing what else is out there.
When he came home and told me, though I could see the stress and worry in his eyes, his statement to me was, "This only means God has something else in the works for us." His faith is unwavering. He still feels that we are called here for a reason and that our season here has not yet ended.
Today opened with more discouraging news. The title company apparently is holding up some paper work and therefore we cannot close on the house this week. Our loan officer hopes to close by the end of the month (Me too, seeing as we will be homeless if we don't). Not only that, but the fees from the title company came in higher than expected, so we have to come up with more money for closing...and our interest rate was only good through the 15th, and since we won't be closing then it will expire and the new interest rate is higher, making our house payment go up.
There's more, but I won't bore you with the details...suffice to say, the last 2 days have been pretty much the worst days since we've lived here.
I know my God is in control. He knows the outcome, has the big picture in His hand. He has seen us through many many times before, and I know this time will be no different.
I've spent most of the day crying. I'm so glad my mom didn't leave until this afternoon, because I don't know what I would have done this morning had she not been here to lean on.
Please be praying for us during this time. Pray mostly that we will lean on His unfailing strength.
Ending on a positive note, our Kid's Camp is going on this week. (It's our "VBS") We have had 37 kids registered and attending. Only 12 or so of those are members. We have had a lot of positive feedback from both kids and parents. There is so much to tell you about it, I will blog next week and include pictures.
Jake is correct, God has something in store for us, and just like our move to Vegas, it may not be anything we would have ever imagined. He is good, all the time.
"I say, 'You are my God, my times are in Your hands.'"

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cindysig said...

Have you closed yet? Got an update for what's happening, yet?
Sometimes, it's hard to see God's hand but never forget it's still there, upholding!