Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Home from Gallbladder Surgery

Thank you so much for all of you prayers over the past few weeks. I went through numerous tests, bloodwork, ultrasounds, CT Scans, MRCP, x-rays, etc...all to no avail. My doctor referred me last week to a gastroenterologist, who I was scheduled to see Oct. 9.
Monday I became very faint. I couldn't stand without passing out and even felt dizzy when lying down with my eyes closed. By Monday night I was feeling so bad Jake drove me to our medical clinic's quick care. They couldn't do anything for me and sent me to the ER.
The ER floor doctor ordered more blood tests and another ultrasound of my gallbladder. They came back almost immediately saying they found "sludge" in my gallbladder and it would need to be removed. They admitted me right away to help control pain and await a surgery slot to become available.
Tuesday morning when the surgeon came in to talk with us he asked why we hadn't been referred to a surgeon weeks ago...that he looked at my ultrasound, but didn't have to, he said my symptoms were classic gallbladder problems. He said he guessed the doctor just wanted to see me hurt and run more, that's what we were thinking too, since we asked several times to be admitted into the hospital and were told "that's just not how it's done anymore".
The surgeon was extremely friendly and helpful. We were blessed to be assigned to him. He said, "Call me PK, everyone knows me as PK".
They got me into surgery a little before noon today. He said everything went really well. I have 4 small incisions. He told Jake and my mom the gallbladder was "BAD". They are sending it off for testing.
As many of you reading this know, my dad died from gallbladder cancer in Feb. of 2007. Even though it isn't hereditary, they are testing it for disease and cancer.
I got to leave the hospital around 5 this evening. I feel like I've been hit in the gut with a mac-truck, but the pain I was feeling before doesn't seem to be there at all. Hopefully over the next few days these surgery pains will decrease and the incisions will heal quickly.

I guess I can call that gastro clinic tomorrow and let them know I won't be in need of their services! Jake said he will also be calling our doctor tomorrow to let him know I had surgery on the very thing they said was "fine" and "within normal limits"...looks like we may be looking for a new doctor. Too bad. This one was so close to our house, and seemed really nice. But, we kept telling them that all the research we've done and others have told us say that diagnosing a gallbladder is hit-and-miss, you have to see it at just the right time and just the right angle to see the stones. Sometimes they aren't seen, even if they are there.
We mentioned this to the ER doctor who found the sludge and he concurred.

Anyway, I'm home now and resting...not comfortably...

I really appreciate all the prayers, posts on FB, calls and texts. Thank you, Jeremy, for coming by the hospital to visit and pray with us. It really meant a lot to me.

I got to eat jello tonight. It was very tasty, as were the ice-chips at the hospital after surgery! 1st food or drink of any kind since Monday night (I realized after being told I couldn't eat or drink, just in case they were able to squeeze me in to surgery yesterday, that I hadn't drank a drop of anything Monday, and only ate part of a biscuit with some gravy on it Monday evening...obviously by the time I got some ice-chips this afternoon I was dying of thirst!)

It's really a blessing to think about the light-at-the-end-of-the-tunnel! HE is the Great Physician! All praises to my God!

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cindysig said...

thanks for the good update. so glad they got you "repaired."
How are you feeling now?
When will they know about whether there were any unusual cells in the gallbladder?
Just checking in on you to see if there was any new news!