Wednesday, March 24, 2010

The simple things in life...

Today God used a young boy to show me just how blessed I truly am.  

Yesterday was not a good day, by any means.  Without going into details of my day, let's just say that if one more thing had gone wrong I would have quite literally gone off the deep end.  I was at my wits' end.  Everything that could go wrong did.  Murphy's law was the ruler of the day.  My Facebook post said something to the effect of "This day inhaled vigorously, but my God is good all the time."  I threw in that last part to remind myself that no matter how lousy of a day I was having, HE is faithful, when all else fails, HE will not.

That was yesterday.

Today, while I was volunteering at JD and Cora's school, I was put face-to-face with true sorrow.  Sometime ago JD came home from school and told me about a little boy who was in his class last year.  He asked if I remembered him and said, "He told me his mom is dying of cancer.  She's had it before, but it was in remission, now it's in stage 4."  My heart hurt for this little boy, and I wanted to do something for the family, but I didn't know how or what, and soon it was out of my mind.  
God placed him in my path today, so I asked him how his mom was doing.  His face went downcast as he said, "She's about to die.  She may already be dead right now and me not know it.  I don't know when she's going to pass on, but it's any time."  As I tried to hold back the tears I let him know that JD had told me about her having cancer and asked if there was anything my family could do.  He said, "Well, they don't like me talking about it but taxes are due now, and we may lose our house and I heard them talking about divorce."  That was it, the tears started pouring.  I told him we were praying for him and his family and for him to talk to JD if he needed a friend to talk to and to let JD know if there was anything we could do so he could tell me. 
Any one of those things is enough to break a grownup, much less a child...and then to pile them on top of each other, well, my heart broke.  Suddenly, my measly problems from yesterday didn't seem so big.  Suddenly, my pity party I was wanting to throw myself didn't hold much merit.  Suddenly.....

So, without names, I am asking you to please lift this family up in prayer.  Pray for peace and comfort for the mom, pray for peace for the rest of the family, but most importantly, pray that God would make His Son known to her in a mighty way and that she would come to know Him in a real and saving way before she steps into eternity.  
And while you are at it, remember to thank Him for your life, for the life of your family.  Thank Him for the simple blessings He brings each day.  "The LORD gives and the LORD takes heart will choose to say, 'LORD, blessed be Your name.'"

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Cindy said...

Isn't it remarkable how God gently reminds us of our blessings. Thank you for sharing this story and for your willingness to step in with comfort for a little boy, Elaine.