Thursday, August 12, 2010

Our summer

Wow, I can't believe the summer is winding down to a close!  The kids go back to school on August 30th and we're excited that they both got the teachers we requested for them.
They had a great time in Arkansas this summer.  They both always look forward to being there and seeing friends and family.  We took some time to visit a few places on our way home from getting them.  We stopped by Roswell, NM, to see the aliens...
This is our new friend, Gray Alien
 They tried to abduct us...
And apparently even aliens love Coke!
Cora wanted to know why this alien was only wearing underwear...
As long as I can be with him...take me away!!!

We were also able to stop by the Air Force Base in Alamogordo, NM to visit some friends.  After that we headed outside of Phoenix to the Salt River for some rafting.
We had a lot of fun, and some adventure as well.  There were some class 1 rapids on the trip, nothing too serious, really.  But, towards the end of the float we came upon some rapids that looked worse than the ones we had hit previously.  There were several large rocks we were going to have to maneuver around, as well as one huge boulder right in the middle.  As we were floating towards this JD panicked and fell off his raft, which quickly began to float downstream.  (If we lost the raft we were going to have to buy it, not something we wanted to, getting 4 people down the river on 3 rafts, no easy) So, Jake took off down the rapids to try to catch JD's raft.  In the meantime, we hit the rapids and I had to try and stop both the kids from floating away.  I got JD to the side, holding my raft, and I anchored myself into the rocks with my knees and held onto Cora and her raft. 
A little ways down the rapids JD's raft just stopped.  It was amazing.  It wasn't hung on anything, just stopped.  Jake was able to get to it and stayed there, waiting for the rest of us.  Cora was having a blast, ready to take on the rapids alone.  My strength was failing, so I told her I was going to let her go and that her daddy would catch her down the river.  She was thrilled, laughing the whole time.
Some other people were coming down the river about this time.  They had 3 rafts, but only 2 people.  They were using the other for their cooler, so I yelled to them, asking if JD could ride down with them as far as Jake.  They agreed.  He was really shook up, and didn't like leaving me, but I promised him I would be right behind him.  I got to my raft and got down to Jake and the kids.
They were stopped right in the middle of the rapids, so I jumped off my raft and tried to stop, but the water was so strong it kept me moving, and my raft was getting away from me, so I jumped through the middle of it (instead of being on top) and kept going, my legs hitting every rock and boulder along the way.  (Let me tell you, I was extremely bruised)
I was SO burned by the end of the day!  I'm still peeling!  
 But, overall we had a great time.  Here are a few pictures from us on the river (BOY, do I wish I had a video camera rolling during the whole rapids adventure!  I could win lots of money off that, I'm sure)
Next weekend we're going camping with some families from Northstar, then it's just one more week before school starts!  
We decided to not have the kids' birthday parties until after school starts back up, so they are able to invite more of their friends.  I can't believe they are now 8 and 9!  Where did the years go!?!?

I hope each of you had a great summer as well. 

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