Wednesday, April 27, 2011

An Incurable Condition

I was listening to a short broadcast today about a little baby named Joseph.  Joseph needed a tracheotomy, but the hospital he was at would not give him one.  The reason?  He had an incurable condition.  They were going to remove his ventilator and send him home to die.  He would eventually die anyway, so he was deemed unworthy of saving.
(They asked to be transferred.  He did eventually get transferred to a hospital in St Louis, where he received the trache, was able to come off the vent and was able to go home, alive.)
But what struck me as I was listening to this is that we all have an "incurable condition".  We are all going to die do to this condition.  The condition?  Sin.  There isn't a single person on earth born without it.  Our sentence?  Death.  But thanks truly be to God He didn't deem us unworthy of saving!  He loved us so much He sent His Son to die in our place. 
There is a catch, however.  You have to accept this gift.  Jesus wants nothing more than offer you life eternal.  But the choice is yours.   To accept this gift of life, you just have to ask.  Admit your incurable condition: sin, and ask Jesus to forgive you of those sins and come into your life and save you. Turn your death sentence into eternal life.

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