Monday, August 1, 2011

My sweet little boy

Last night as I was going into the kids' rooms to tell them goodnight JD reached for me and said, "I need love."  I hesitated only a second, thinking of the things I needed to do.  I quickly came to my senses.  He won't ask for "love" forever, probably not even for much longer, so I pushed my busy mind aside and crawled into bed beside him.
As I lay there I started thinking of how his birthday is Tuesday.  He will be 10.  10 years old!  Double-digits!  Where did a decade go!?!?  As we cuddled I started mulling over a blog.  I would start very similarly to what I did here...I would talk about the 42 hours of labor, the c-section, seeing him for the 1st time...I would muse over my sweet boy, how fast he's growing up, what a great person he is turning out to know, the usual "bragging mom" stuff.  I lay there pondering and then I was interrupted because he stole my phone.  As I tried tickling him to get it back he started yelling something, but I couldn't understand him because his face was buried in his pillow. And then it happened---He pooted.  Loudly.  Right on me!  He proceeded to laugh hysterically and say, "I tried to warn you!".
Yep, he may still be my sweet little boy, but he is definitely his father's son!

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