Friday, January 13, 2012

It's me again...

Friday the 13th has always been one of my favorite days.  I know, I know, most people think of superstitions or bad luck, or whatever...But I've always loved this day.  Maybe it's because I was born on the 13th and always loved when it fell on a Friday.  It somehow made it more special to me.  I remember one year, as a very young teenager, my birthday fell on Friday the 13th.  My parents let me have 13 girlfriends spend the night (I'm a parent now...having that many girls sleepover in itself is a nightmare) and my dad rented every "Friday the 13th" movie out at the time (5 or 6 of them, I think).  We stayed up all night eating snacks and cake and watching those horrendous movies.  My brother happened to be visiting that weekend and reeked all sorts of havoc, sneaking in and scaring the living daylights out of us.  Good times, good times!

I know that's totally random, but it came to mind as I was looking at today's date.  It's funny the things we remember as we look back over the years.  Things that seemed so small at the time become the things we cling to later.  Those little moments with your parents, sometimes wanting to be somewhere else with friends, you would now give anything to have back.  The years pass by so quickly now.  Ha, remember as a child thinking the school year was NEVER going to end!??!  Remember your mom or dad telling you, "Just wait until you're older..."  Wow.  I mean, wow!  It's 2012!!!  We're getting close to Marty McFly stuff here, do you realize that!?!?  That's just crazy!  (And on that note, where are the flying cars or cool hover boards?  Just wondering?)

Just saying 2012 makes me chuckle and shake my head.  Didn't we just get into 2011?  So my thought right now is cherish the moment.  Don't be so inclined to rush on to the next goal, the next obstacle, the next .....  Those moments with my dad years ago that I would give anything for now, I need to be making those with my kids!  I know there will be times when they don't want to spend time with me, where they choose their friends over their dad and me, where we're not "cool", but someday, hopefully, they will look back and cherish these times. Prayerfully they will look back and know beyond a shadow of a doubt that we loved them more than life itself and that our decisions were made for their spiritual, physical and mental well-being.  

But not just our kids, what about friends and family?  We get so caught up in the business that is life that we forget to just stop and relax and laugh and enjoy others.  Vegas is so different from the South.  We hung out with our neighbors, we had neighborhood BBQs, we didn't worry if our kids were going down to the park to play.  Everyone is very reserved here, you come home, go in you house, close the blinds and lock the door behind you.  I felt awkward the other day when I had to go ask a neighbor for an egg...I wouldn't have thought 2ce about that in Rogers (of course we built a house and some of our best friends bought the house next to ours, so that helped...but that's beside the point).  What has happened to community?  It seems so non-existent here.

I've had the pleasure of going to lunch this week with some girlfriends.  It's been so nice to just stop the daily grind and sit and laugh.  I'm a much better person after those times.  I can get away from the never-ending laundry, the dishes, the laundry (oh, wait, I said that already), and just be a person.  I don't want to take those times for granted.  I want to treasure those moments.  I want to cultivate them.  When it's all said and done the laundry will still be there, the dishes will eventually get done, the dust...well, I'm in a desert.  Do I want to be the person who couldn't have people over for fear of what they will think, do I want to not enjoy my kids' youth because "I'll play with you after I'm done doing ......"  

I fear I'm becoming that person.  I don't want to be that person.  I don't want my kids, or my family, or my friends, to ever think I've put them below anything else worldly.  God has called my family to Vegas for a reason.  I say "in everything I do I want Him glorified above all."  But saying that and living it are two totally different things.  If I'm called to "go into all the world and make disciples", if I'm called to be "a light in the world", then I need to be out there, with people, I need to be with my children, guiding them, I need to live my life every day as if Jesus were coming back tomorrow... Unashamed of my faith, unafraid to share His love, unhindered by all the limitations I put on myself.  

People.  Relationships.  That's what matters to Jesus.  If it weren't, He wouldn't have left His throne in Heaven to come to a broken earth to die.  What matters to God should be what matters to me.  

So I know this post is completely random and rambling, but as I set down to write it just seems like this is what decided to come out.  Nothing earth-shattering, not that any of my blogs ever have been, just some off-the-wall thoughts of a possibly insane 30-something in Vegas...  So come on over, let's do lunch, or coffee, or tea, let's chat... Just don't run your finger over the table tops, you'll find dust, and don't look in the sink, there may be dishes.  My kids' toys may be scattered all over, and there's an extremely good chance there's a mountain of laundry needing to be done, but that's okay, because my resolve this year is to make my relationships a priority.  

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