Friday, February 10, 2012

My Daddy is 5 today

My daddy, Douglas Haynie, turned 5 today.  Yes, you read that correctly.  If he were still here on earth he would actually be turning 73 week after next, but he's not.  He's in Heaven.  5 years ago today.
It's become tradition for me to write about my daddy on this day each year.  I wouldn't be the person I am today without him.  He impacted everyone with whom he came into contact.  He had his faults, but he really was a great daddy, husband,
There's not a day of the year that goes by that I'm not thinking about him, wishing he were still here, wanting to talk to him, but that wasn't my decision.  Ultimately, he had finished what God had put him in this world to do and he was taken home.

My daddy's home wasn't this earth, after all.  It was just a temporary place of residence.  A "rental", so to speak.  The reason for that is not because of anything daddy did.  If being a good daddy could get you to Heaven, he would have been 1st on the list.  If helping those in need could have gotten him there, it would have.  If going to church, tithing, supporting the building program, being a deacon, a Sunday School teacher, a church planter could get you to Heaven, he'd be there because of all of that.  But it doesn't.
Nothing my daddy did earned him the right to be in Heaven.  Nothing I do while I'm here on earth can earn me that right.  Nothing you do can either.  It's not what you do....

It's Who you know.  See, as a boy my daddy accepted Jesus as his personal savior.  He recognized he was a sinner (which we all are) and he needed forgiveness of those sins.  Not only that, but he needed someone to take the punishment for those sins for him.  See, there is a consequence for sin.  It's death.  Not just physical death, which we will all experience, but spiritual death.  Eternal separation from God in a real Hell.  He cried out to Jesus to take his place.  And He did!  The Bible tells us that, "everyone who calls on His name will be saved!"  He died for EVERYONE, not just those who have accepted Him or will accept Him.  Even if you choose to never accept His forgiveness, He still died for you.  The balls in our court now.  What will we do with that forgiveness?  Accept it, or throw it away?

We have plans for ourselves. Goals. We have a timetable we want to live by. I want to go to college, then I want to get married and have kids, I want to have a career...or what ever....
The thing is, God's plans, God's goals, His timetable is so much bigger, so much grander than ours could ever be. By not trusting Him, by trying to fit things into our set of criteria we are limiting God and His desires for our lives. Jeremiah 29:11 says, "For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the LORD, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future."
Does that mean we won't go through trials? Won't have pain? NO! Because His ultimate goal is for Him to be glorified, and whatever it takes for that to happen will happen. 

5 years ago today,  February 10, my daddy died. Did I expect to lose a parent so early in life? Absolutely not. Watching him suffer was excruciating. I was a daddy's girl, after all. I had the best daddy in the world! We don't always understand why these things happen. Why they are "allowed" to happen. But you know what? God was glorified through that! My daddy praised God through it all! He shared his faith with those around him by never losing sight of God, never wavering from his faith, never questioning why it had to happen. 
Because he knew he was going to die, daddy planned his funeral. He asked the pastors to use certain verses, to sing certain songs, and above all he wanted the gospel preached. Gospel, after all, just means "Good News". The Good News is Jesus! 
I found out afterwards a stranger walked into the church the day of daddy's funeral. One of the pastors asked him to come sit in the back of the sanctuary with him.  That man in the back, someone I had never met before and will probably never meet this side of heaven, heard the Good News that day. One more soul is saved because my daddy died. Would I have chosen it to happen that way? No. But it did, and for that, I am grateful.

God has huge plans for our lives. He has a will, and it will be carried out. The question is, will we be a part of it or will we miss out on it?

So, Happy 5th Birthday, daddy!  I love you more than mere words can express.  I await the day we are reunited in Heaven!  
Happy birthday to you, happy birthday to you, happy birthday, dear daddy, happy birthday to you!!!
My daddy and me, Easter, 1982
Daddy, Thanksgiving 2006

With Mother and Daddy, Thanksgiving 2006

Our family, Thanksgiving 2006

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