Thursday, May 3, 2012

It amazes me still to this day how great, how marvelous, how wonderful my God is.  On one hand I think, "Why does this surprise me?", on the other hand I think, "His wonders never cease to amaze me".  
What amazes me most, I think, is that the Creator of the entire universe, and any others that may exist, stills cares about insignificant me!  The God who has existed from eternity past into eternity future sees me, sees you!  If that doesn't give you chills, well, I don't know what to tell you.

Just in the past week I've been concerned about something.  Concerned nothing, I was out-right worried and stressed.  Yes, I realize we are not to worry.  Yes, I realize God is in control and works everything to His good for those who love Him.  Yes, I realize I was not fully trusting in Him because of my worrying.  But, alas, I am human and I tend to do things I'm not supposed to do, even when I know better.
What I was "concerned" about doesn't really matter for this post.  The point was, I was worried.  I had mentioned it to Jake and perhaps one or two friends, but I hadn't even prayed about it yet.
(Again, I know I need to take all things to God in prayer.  I just hadn't gotten that far in my worrying and thinking process yet.  I would have gotten to that, eventually.)

The really cool thing is, even though I didn't respond in the appropriate way, I didn't give it over to God, or even acknowledge the problem to Him yet, He heard me and answered.
It reminds me of a time in Exodus where the Israelites were groaning because they were in slavery.  It doesn't say they were crying out to God, or even acknowledging Him, it just says they were groaning.  But is says God heard them and was concerned about them.  I love that!  They didn't have the appropriate response, they were caught up in their own self-pity, but God heard them anyway and took care of them.

He did that for me as well.

He heard me in my 'groaning' and had concern for me.  He answered my prayer before I even asked it.
He is  El Roi, the LORD Who Sees!  But He goes further, He is Jehovah Jireh, the LORD Will Provide! He saw my concern, my stress, my groaning, He had pity on me and He provided!  He didn't have to, He didn't owe it to me, I didn't deserve it, but He did it anyway.  My God is so completely awesome!

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