Tuesday, March 12, 2013

An Unpopular View

The inspiration for my blogs comes from various sources.  Life experience, everyday occurrences, things I hear others say, my husband's sermons.  This post was inspired by the latter.  Fortunately he provides ample space on the back of the bulletin for notes, because lately the insights and revelations I have been given during his sermons come so quickly I have trouble writing fast enough to remember what to write and to still pay attention enough to hear the next.  This is all an aside, really, to what this blog is about.  I just felt the need to give a little background.

What you are about to read is not a popular world view.  You may get offended.  You may totally disagree.  This post may anger you.  Though that is not my intent in writing it, that's okay.  After all, I did give you fair warning. :)

We all know the story of Adam and Eve.  If you don't, here is an extremely brief synopsis:  Adam was the 1st human created.  Eve was created to be his companion, his helpmate.  They lived in complete peace and harmony with God and nature in the Garden of Eden.  Satan lies and deceives Eve, tricking her into eating fruit from the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil.  She then woos her husband into eating it as well.  They instantly realize they are naked and feel ashamed.  They hide from God.  Their sin caused bloodshed.  In order to clothe them, God kills an animal.  Their disobedience did not just affect them--disobedience rarely just affects the person committing it.  

Before the bloodshed, however, came the blame.  God asks Adam how he knew he was naked.  (Another aside here.  God knew why, God knows and sees everything, even before it happens, He wanted Adam to own up--as he does with all of us.)

So, the blame-game begins.  Adam responds, "It was that woman You gave me--she gave me some fruit and I ate it."  (Notice, he not only blamed the woman, he blamed God for giving her to him.)
But it doesn't stop there, God then asks Eve.  Eve doesn't want the blame either--I'm sure the look she gave Adam when he threw her under the bus was priceless.  She blames the devil.  "It was the serpent.  He tricked me and I ate."  
This blame-game continues on today.  We have a hard time owning up to our faults, to our digressions, to our---sins. We see it in our children, but adults are just the same.

Yes, Satan had some blame in this.  He was cursed and will eventually suffer for eternity, not just for this sin, but ultimately for the sin of trying to make himself equal with God.

Now here comes the unpopular view.  Even though some blame also fell to Eve, she is not where God put the main penalty for sin.  That fell to Adam.  Why?  Because men are to be the head of the household.  Now, hear me out.  I am not saying men are superior to women.  I am not saying men are more intelligent than women.  God created men and women to be co-heirs to Christ's sacrificial gift of life.  What I'm talking about goes much deeper than the semantics of who's better than whom.

I don't want the job of head of the household.  Do you know why?  Because the head of the household is the one who holds all the responsibility, good or bad.  Do you know the saying, "the buck stops here"? 

Jake and I make decisions together.  He doesn't lord his "headship" over me.  We decided together how to raise our kids.  We work together to decide how the household is run, how our money is spent, how we live.  We are equal partners in that sense.  
There are times when my idea is the one we use.  That doesn't make me the head that day.  Ultimately, when the chips fall, if the decision was a bad one, it's still on Jake.  It's his responsibility to own up to and pay for our choices.   He is the one that is to stand in the way of the gate of hell for our family.  It's his responsibility to lead and guide our family spiritually.  He will answer to God for how he led--or didn't lead--our family.   

Ultimately, the blame fell to Adam because he was the one given the command not to eat the fruit.  He was put as the head of his household.  He could have and should have stopped Eve.  And even if he didn't stop Eve, he didn't have to partake of it himself.

Now, please don't misunderstand me.  I am not giving women a free-ride here.  This doesn't mean that we can do whatever we want and let our husbands take the fall.  Absolutely not.  What  I am saying is the husband is to be the covering of the home.  The protector.  The defender.  The umbrella, if you will.  

I understand that this isn't always the case.  Some men refuse to step up and take this position, but some women also refuse to step-down and allow them to...
In the case where the man will not own up to his God-given place in the home, it does fall to the mom.  In the end, the man will still have to answer for his family, whether he was there for them or not.

Even though some good came from it, women's lib hurt our world more than we'll ever know!   We yanked the manhood away from men.  It's time we give it back to them.  
I pray we have an awakening in our marriages.  I pray for an awakening in our men, to rise up and be men.  Look to Christ as your example of how to lead! Do not lord your authority, but lead with love and tenderness and understanding.  Be willing to lay down your life for your wife and your children.  Take the responsibility you were given.  Be a servant-leader!  Protect!  Stand in the gap!  

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