Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Mcconaughey's List

     I only watched maybe 5 minutes of the Oscars.  I may have watched more, but they are not Jake's cup of tea.  I did, however, catch the replay of Matthew Mcconaughey's acceptance speech.  I've also seen the hundreds of reposts about it.  His list, his "3 things" made me stop and think.  Now, I am not one who normally quotes Hollywood.  Usually the things coming from the mouths of the Hollywood elite do little for me and often repulse me.  It was refreshing to hear one of them say something that made me want to dig deeper, think harder, about my own life.
     For those of you who either didn't see the Oscars or haven't seen the 1,000 posts on social media talking about his speech, here is a link:
Macconaughey's Acceptance Speech
Let me briefly recap part of that speech.  He said, "...There are 3 things to my account that I need each day.  One of them is something to look up to, another is something to look forward to, and another is someone to chase."  He went on to thank God, who he looks up to, his family, who he looks forward to, and his future self who is his hero and who he chases.
     Now, this is a good list.  It is good to look up to God, it's good to look forward to your family, and it's good to always be striving to be a better person.  But as I pondered that list, I wondered if he got 2 of them backwards and then I made my own list.
     Someone to look up to:  I think your hero, whether that be someone else or your future self, should be someone to look up to.  Who do I look up to? Many people.  My mom and my husband among others.  They make me want to be a better person, a better me in the future.  I would love to say that the 10-years-from-now me is someone I would want as a hero, someone I would look up to and want to be like.  I pray that I am and will strive everyday to become that person.
     Something to look forward to:  I do look forward to my family, my time with them, seeing us grow and develop, watching my kids become amazing human beings.  I look forward to time with Jake, watching our love grow deeper and deeper as the years pass by.  I look forward to my children serving God now and watching as they continue to serve Him and grow in Him into the future.  I look forward to the plans He has for us.  
     Someone to chase:  Who do I want to chase?  I get what Matthew was saying, always pursuing a better you.  That's a noble quest.  However, it's not me, whether past, present or future, who I want to chase.  I'm not worthy of being chased, nor will I ever be.  No, the One I want to chase is Jesus.  I want to follow after Him and His will for my life.  I want to be so enveloped in Him I become a reflection of His love.  I want to pursue Him at all costs, renouncing self, to chase after the only One worthy of my pursuit.   And the amazing thing is, He chased after me!  He met me where I was and offered His love, grace and acceptance free of charge.  He asked for nothing in return except all of me.
     What would your 3 things be?

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