Friday, May 8, 2015

OM...please don't go there

     So, I am writing this blog specifically to those who call themselves followers of Christ. Others are more than welcome to continue reading, in fact, I hope you do, but this entry is geared towards "Christians".  
The reason I say that is I am going to call you out.  You, yes you.  The one who may or may not realize you are taking the Lord's name in vain on a regular basis.  
It has become so commonplace for people to use the phrase "OMG".  I hear it and see it more times than I care to count each day.  It has become a simple statement, like LOL and BFF.  I hear and see it everywhere, and though I hate to hear it from anyone, it is the believers in Christ I am going to call out on this.
     You see, it's not just a simple statement, because what it stands for isn't just "laugh out loud" or "best friends forever".  It actually means "oh my God."  Now, many of you will say, "well, when I say it, I am thinking 'oh my goodness' in my head."  But that's not what the world hears/sees, and that's not what it means.  I can make up any personal statement for any set of letters, but that doesn't mean that's what they mean to the world.  
     But it goes farther than just OMG.  I hear those who profess to be believers in Christ actually saying "Oh my God."   I hear little kids say, "Oh my God" all the time, just mimicking what they hear from the world around them.  I actually heard a pastor and someone else in ministry use this term a few weeks back.  This tears my heart to pieces.  
     As believers we are called to be set apart.  Not only that, but we are specifically told NOT to take the Lord's name in vain.  There was a very good reason for this.  Today we use names very flippantly.  Some names are almost just made up words at this point.  But in Biblical times a name equated the person, it literally equalled the very essence of who the person was.  By taking the Lord's name in vain you aren't just using His name out of context, you are cursing Him, His very essence.  Do we realize this?  Can we let this sink in for a few moments?  When we flippantly use the Lord's name, saying "OMG", "Oh my God", or worse, we are in essence cursing the Creator of the Universe.
Now, I don't know about you, but to me that's not only profoundly disrespectful, but decidedly a scary thing to do!
     Let us be aware of what we allow to come out of our mouths, or typed onto our keyboards.  I am calling on believers to guard you hearts, guard your minds, and tame your tongues.  As it says in James 3:10, "Praising and cursing come out of the same mouth.  My brothers, these things should not be this way."

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